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Johannesburg.- On 30 March 2012 about 50 guests attended a moving pre-launch function at Radio Veritas on medium wave 576AM. The hosts of the evening were Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Archbishop William Slattery and Monsignor Eloy Alberto Santiago Santiago (Charge d'Affaires of the Apostolic Nunciature).

The Cardinal spoke about the importance of Catholic media and in particular, Catholic radio. Congratulating Fr Emil on this achievement he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the staff of Radio Veritas, and the chairmen of ICASA and SENTECH for their co-operation and help in bring us to this point after 12 years. He and Archbishop Slattery invited the participating guests to help in the initial financial support of the station.

Fr Emil and Carlos Henriques took the guests through a presentation of the journey thus far and how we were set to move into an exciting future. They emphasised the need for advertising and sponsorship and the need to financial assistance to broadcast and also to acquire a kombi equipped with a mobile studio which would enable Radio Veritas to move into the community and do some grassroots recordings and live broadcasts. Archbishop Slattery emphasized that the Catholic Church in South Africa was supported by ordinary people who initiated schools and other Church institutions and that it was now time for the enthusiastic support of our very own Catholic radio station.

Tribute was paid to the Italian Bishops' Conference which had contributed the necessary funds needed to purchase the new transmitter. The entire proceedings were aired live on 576AM. Several of the guests were also interviewed briefly. After the speeches and presentation the guests were invited to a finger supper with plenty of refreshments which were donated for the occasion.

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Congratulations of Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli,

President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications,

On the Launch of Radio Veritas channel 576 AM

Dear Father Blaser,

It is a pleasure for me to send my greetings and best wishes for every success in your launch on Easter Sunday of the 576AM channel of Radio Veritas, based in Johannesburg. It is especially encouraging that you will now be able to reach listeners on medium wave, in addition to your pre-existing satellite coverage and live web streaming. I am sure that this new channel will allow you to reach many more listeners. I congratulate you on your hard efforts and perseverance over the years to make this happen, and I take this opportunity to share in thanking your network of donors; from the Italian Bishops’ Conference in covering costs for the transmitter to all of those locally who have given generously of their resources and time.

I appreciate your service to the wider community as a Catholic and community radio service aiming to inform, educate, entertain and inspire in order to share faith in Christ and underscore universal values shared by all to create greater harmony, solidarity and hope in society.

Pope Benedict XVI, in his encyclical letter “Caritas in Veritate”, notes that the media in general can have a civilizing effect, especially “when they are geared towards a vision of the person and the common good that reflects truly universal values”. And when it comes to the promotion of freedom, development or democracy for all, he said the media “need to focus on promoting the dignity of persons and peoples, they need to be clearly inspired by charity and placed at the service of truth, of the good, and of natural and supernatural fraternity”, since “human freedom is intrinsically linked with these higher values”.  May you persevere in promoting the common good and universal fellowship through your broadcasts as living witnesses of Christ’s love for all!

I am sure you will remember the Holy Father’s words to us at the Catholic Radio Congress organized by the Council here in Rome in 2008 which you attended: “What exciting prospects you have before you in your commitment and your work! Your network can represent a small but concrete echo in the world of that network of friendship which the presence of the Risen Christ, the God-with-us, has inaugurated between Heaven and earth and among the peoples of all continents and epochs. By doing so your work itself will be fully part of the mission of the Church which I invite you to love deeply. By helping the heart of every person to open up to Christ you will help the world to be open to hope and to be wide open to that civilization of truth and love which is the most eloquent fruit of his presence among us. My Blessing to you all!

With those concluding words, I would like to assure you of my prayers and best wishes for you, all those assisting you and all that you do in this important Catholic media ministry of service. May the Lord give you abundant blessings!

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli

President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

29 March 2012

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