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Manchester: New projects being launched to mark World Communications Day
Pope Francis has inspired one of the United Kingdom’s leading Catholic publishers to launch a 24/7 Catholic Internet Radio on 1st June 2014 United Kingdom ( -  Staff at Catholic Universe, whose well-known titles include The Universe, The Catholic Times, and Catholic Life, were inspired by words from Pope Francis’ message for the 2014 World Communications day, in which he said that by means of the internet, we Catholics can « reach to the ends of the earth. » Universe Catholic Radio (UCR) is their response to the Pope’s call for Catholics to spread the Good News far and wide.…
 ENGLISH: Communication at the service of an authentic culture of encounter. ESPAÑOL: La comunicación al servicio de una auténtica cultura del encuentro. PORTUGUÈS: Comunicação ao serviço de uma autêntica cultura do encontro. DEUSTSCH: Kommunikation im Dienst einer authentischen Begegnung. FRANCAIS: La communication au service d'une authentique culture de la rencontre. ITAIANO: Comunicazione al servizio di un'autentica cultura dell'incontro   ARGENTINA Región Patagonia -Power point AUSTRALIA Bishop's Conference - Digital Storytelling Project Stirs Hearts on World Communications Day - A prayer, written to celebrate the 48th World Communications Day BOLIVIA Conferencia Episcopal: Video - saludo de Mons. Percy Galván, Obispo de…


Archbishop Claudio Celli Delivers Keynote on Faith and Social Media at the Diocese of Brooklyn’s media conference
New York (DeSales Media Group ) -  Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, the originator of the Pope’s Twitter account, came all the way from the Vatican to speak at the Diocese of Brooklyn’s media conference on World Communications Day. The archbishop spoke on Thursday at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott about the intersection of social media and faith in today’s world. He called for embracing modern means of communication, and for engaging believers and nonbelievers alike with straightforward language via social media. See #WCD2014 on Twitter.
Vienna (Catholic News Service) -- Continued research into pornography show its ill effects on women and all of society, according to speakers May 16 at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation 2014 Summit in Vienna, a Washington, U.S.A. suburb. Based on her research, Gail Dines has concluded, "We have basically let the media and the pornographers become the sex educators" and that "the Internet has made boys porn-ready for dating." Dines is a sociology professor at Wheelock College in Boston and the founding president of Stop Porn Culture. Dines, who considers herself a feminist, lashed out at how culture has…
Download this video and play this in all masses to celebrate the 48th World Communications Day on June 1, 2014.   Second, in line with this celebration, there will be a Second Collection in all masses.  20 percent of the proceeds will be used for the pastoral projects of the Episcopal Commission on Social Communications while the rest will be used for your Diocesan Ministry of Social Communications.  Please remit your contributions to your dioceses / archdioceses.   I thank you wholeheartedly for your support and assistance to a worthy cause that always seeks to update the faithful on the…


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