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Pope Francis plants virtual olive tree to foster awareness of peace among children
Vatican City (Vatican Radio) - Pope Francis has planted a virtual olive tree for peace as part of an initiative aimed at getting children around the world to plant their own trees, to help foster an awareness of peace and what it means in their homes, communities, and countries. The Pope planted his virtual tree by tapping the touch screen of a tablet yesterday afternoon in the Santa Marta guesthouse in the Vatican, during an encounter with representatives of Scholas Occurrentes "the Worldwide Network of Schools Getting Together." The initiative is being promoted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Chancellor…
Downey, after 'Son of God' box office success, aims for other markets
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- After a first-weekend box office take of $25.6 million, actress-producer Roma Downey plans to take the movie "Son of God" into other markets. "We have a big rollout planned. Our attention is slowly being brought to global distribution," Downey said in a March 7 telephone interview from Los Angeles with Catholic News Service. "I think over the course of the next year we'll see it rolling out in all kinds of places in all kinds of languages. People whose lives will be impacted forever. Because in many of these nations, they wouldn't have an opportunity read a…
Vatican Communications President, Archbishop Celli, on the “communicator Pope’s” first year in office
Rome (Vatican Insider) - According to Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. « There is a definite harmony between Pope Francis’ image of the Church, and the world of communications. » In an interview to Vatican Insider he explained that, for the Pope, « communication is an essential part of his being which we experience daily by way of the many small gestures with which he addresses the whole world. » Direct contact with people, the Vatican’s chief of communications continued is for Francis « the hinge, the attitude, which Christians must have, to…
Listen the interview: South Sudanese refugees: "tell the Pope about us!"
Vatican City (Vatican Radio) - When Vatican Radio’s Sean Patrick Lovett asked adolescents from South Sudan crowded in desolate refugee camps whether there was anything he could do to help, they said: ‘Tell people about us! Tell people that we are here – and tell the Pope! Tell the Pope that what he says is important and if he keeps saying how important it is to find peace and stability in Sudan, sooner or later someone will listen, and maybe we can go back home…”. Lovett, Director of Vatican Radio’s English Programme, was in Northern Uganda at the invitation of…
Riviviamo alcuni momenti salienti degli ultimi dodici mesi trascorsi con il Pontefice venuto “quasi dalla fine del mondo”, con le immagini del Centro Televisivo Vaticano.


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