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Discerning the Fruits of the Digital Age. We use technology more wisely when we recognize how it affects the way we see the world
Washington.- Several years ago, I was walking in an orchard of lemon trees in Italy and picked one of the fruits to smell the delicious perfume. Immediately, it made me think of my mother; I would have liked to share that lovely scent with her. But how? This was something I could not email to her or post on Facebook. This was something wonderful that technology could not transmit. I had to wait several months until her next visit to Rome. The experience prompted me to think about different ways to communicate, whether via an email or a handshake. Telephones,…
Vatican To Live Stream Canonization Of Popes John Paul II, John XXIII
Vatican City (RNS) - While millions of pilgrims are expected to attend the Catholic Church’s first-ever double canonization at the end of April, the Vatican is preparing its most ambitious TV and social media campaign for the millions who don’t make it to Rome. City officials are expecting more than 5 million people to attend the ceremony when Pope Francis declares his predecessors Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII saints in St Peter’s Square on April 27. For the first time viewers will be able to watch the historic event live in 3-D movie theaters in 20 countries…
Pontifical Council for Social Communications marks half century
Vatican City (Vatican Radio) - Communicating the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth: that’s the challenging task of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its foundation on Wednesday April 2nd. Established as a Pontifical Commission by Pope Paul VI during the Second Vatican Council, it brought together in one office experts in cinema, radio, television and the press. Pope Paul made a point of being present in person at its first plenary assembly. A few months later, he visited its newly enlarged headquarters and three years later, oversaw…
Arua (CREC) - trainers have conducted a session for journalists and producers of Radio Pacis, in Arua, Uganda. Since 2007, the CREC trainers are acting as "communicators without borders"... which means they are responding to local training needs in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific region.


Preparing for the canonisations of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II
Vatican City (VIS) – This morning a press conference was held in the Holy See Press Office to present the initiatives forming part of the preparations for the canonisations of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II, to be celebrated on 27 April. The speakers were Cardinal Agostino Vallini, vicar of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome, along with Msgr. Giulio Dellavite, secretary general for the Curia of Bergamo, Msgr. Walter Insero, head of the Office for Social Communications for the Vicariate of Rome, and Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office. The initiatives will…

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