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Cardinal Timothy Dolan: "We need competent lay people to represent the Church"
Roma.- "The day of old, fat, balding bishops like me being the best spokespeople for the Church is long gone: now needs to have trained, competent lay people to represent them!". With a personal sense of irony, Cardinal Timothy Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, shared this belief when opening the IX Professional Seminar for Communications Offices (April, 28-30, 2014), promoted by the School of Church Communications of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Speaking about the "cultural challenges for Church communicators", the archbishop offers "seven observations" about how to realize efficacious institutional communications, the fruit of his experience…
Californian's new CRS song a reminder 'we're all part of God's family'
ANAHEIM, Calif. (CNS) -- As Pasquale Talarico worked on his new song, "One Family," he had a lot of things to keep in mind: the power of the bluegrassy music, the poetry of the lyrics he wrote with fellow artist Jenny Pixler, and the mission of Catholic Relief Services, for whom the song was destined. "The one thing we wanted to do was create inclusion, to bring in those thought of as the least of the least, and remind us we're all part of God's family," said Talarico. "That was really important." That message comes across loud and clear, said…
'American Bible Challenge' game show revs up for third season
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- America still loves a good TV game show, as "The American Bible Challenge" has demonstrated. It's the highest-rated program on cable's Game Show Network, which specializes in this kind of thing. The third season of "The American Bible Challenge" premieres May 22 on GSN. The first season featured a team of nuns coming close to winning the season championship. This season, the show will feature a three-man team of motorcycle-riding priests, appropriately named the Sons of Thunder. Under the show's format, each three-member team has to play against two other teams to test their Bible knowledge. Each…
A dilemma for TV watchers: more news but less content
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- At the end of March, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission took action to quash the growing monopolization of local TV airwaves by just a handful of broadcasting conglomerates. It used to be that one company owned the CBS affiliate, another the NBC station, and so on down the line all the way to the independent, unaffiliated stations in a city. One reason was because the FCC at one time had strict limits on the number of stations that one company could own. To promote the growth of the UHF band for channels 14 and above, the FCC…

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