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John Allen: A media guide to Pope Francis’ trip to America
Rome ( - Earlier this week I was in Washington, D.C., where among other things I spoke at a media briefing organized by Georgetown’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life about Pope Francis’ Sept. 22-27 trip to the United States. That outing will be preceded by a three-day stop in Cuba, which is a statement in itself – a tribute to both nations for overcoming their Cold War differences, and also a way of reminding the United States of its responsibilities in its own backyard. The idea of Thursday’s briefing was to offer a quick-and-dirty guide to things…
Stephen Colbert, in interview, discusses faith, joy and humor
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Stephen Colbert, who took over Sept. 8 as host of CBS' "Late Night" program in the U.S., said in an interview for Canada's Salt + Light Television that his "Colbert Report" character was intended to be a "well­-intentioned, poorly informed, high-­status idiot." "I would say he's a fool. And though Christ says, "Call no man fool,' I am one," Colbert said. "Willing to be wrong in society or wrong according to our time, but right according to conscience which is guided by the Holy Spirit." That character, which tickled American funny bones for nine years on Comedy…
Set of cartoons for messaging apps celebrates US visit by depicting Pontiff in variety of roles
England ( -  Catholics following Pope Francis’s visit to the United States will be able to tweet and text using a range of pope-related emoji called Popemoji. A keyboard app, which is to be made available for Android and Apple devices, offers 52 pope-themed images and 14 animated GIFs. The images include Pope Francis spinning a basketball, eating a hot dog and taking a selfie. So far users have responded with enthusiasm, giving five-star reviews – although one user, Angela Herrera, warned: “Not true emojis. When you send them they are sent as graphics or multimedia.” Evan Wray, co-founder of…
Kenyan Catholic Nun Promoted to Associate Professor in Communication
Nairobi ( - A Nairobi-based University has promoted a Kenyan Catholic nun belonging to the institute of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega to the position of Associate Professor in communication. On Monday, August 31, 2015, Daystar University’s Recruitment Committee interviewed and promoted three senior lecturers to the position of Associate Professor, one of them Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando. “As I give thanks and glory to God for thus far He has brought me, I’m praying and asking Him that He grants me the grace of humility and deep love for the Church so that I may use the…

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