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Archbishop Celli: family is where we learn to communicate
Vatican City (Vatican Radio) - With the Synod of Bishops on the family about to open on Sunday, the Vatican has revealed that the message for next year’s World Communications Day is also focused on the theme of the family as ‘a privileged place of encounter with the gift of love’. ‘Communicating the Family’ is the title of the message which is traditionally published in full on January 24th, feast day of St Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers and journalists. While the media often tends to portray the problems facing families today, the message urges all those…


World Communications Day 2015. Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love
World Communications Day 2015 Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love The theme World Communications Day 2015 follows in continuity with the previous year’s message. At the same time, the topic fits into the context of the central theme of the next two synods on the family. The daily news show us the difficulties facing the family today. Often times cultural changes do not help us appreciate how much the family is a good for society. “The relationships between the members of the family community are inspired and guided by the law of "free…
Net neutrality issue, new FCC proposals prompt 1 million-plus letters
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When it comes to recorded music, the progression went from wax cylinders to shellac discs to vinyl records -- with a short-lived detour to the 8-track tape -- to the cassette, to the compact disc and in this century to mp3 players, iPods and other digital devices. The delivery system for visual entertainment also has become similarly compact. What was once the sole province of a stage has been distilled into film, then television, and now the computer -- if you'd rather not use your smartphone. To get all this entertainment digitally requires bandwidth. How much is…
Inspired by Old Testament, 'The Song' a modern story of love, faith
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The Song of Solomon, the amorous tale of two lovers contained in the Old Testament, has found reincarnation in a modern story of love and faith underscored by American folk music. "The Song," the first feature film from writer/director Richard Ramsey, tells the story of an aspiring singer/songwriter and his attempt to preserve his marriage amid a burgeoning music career and the fame that comes with it. In a phone interview with the Catholic News Service, Ramsey called the film "a redemptive love story" based on the writings and life of King Solomon, the famed but flawed…
Article: Our Week’s experience at the Pontifical Council for Communication
For the past week we have been working in the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, located in the Vatican Offices on Via della Conciliazione, just a few hundred metres from St. Peter’s in Rome. The office is led by the ever-energetic Archbishop Claudio Celli, who was chosen for the position by Pope Benedict XVI himself in 2007. Mons. Paul Tighe, the Secretary to the Council and a fellow countryman of ours, went to the trouble of organising us for the week and, along with other interesting stops, placed us in the capable hands of Fr. Ariel Beramendi from Bolivia who…

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