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Friar's photos of Archbishop Romero show 'humanity that lived in him'
GREEN BAY, Wis. (CNS) - Franciscan Brother Octavio Duran captured many of the iconic images of Archbishop Oscar Romero during the final two years of the Salvadoran archbishop's life. Today, some of those pictures are being recirculated in news reports from the Vatican about Archbishop Romero's possible recognition as a martyr for the faith. The recommendation by a panel of theologians advising the Vatican's Congregation for Saints' Causes is a key step in the sainthood cause for Archbishop Romero, an outspoken defender of the poor during his country's civil war. On Jan. 8, the panel declared that Archbishop Romero was…
Pope Francis says there are limits to freedom of expression
Vatican City (Vatican Radio) - Speaking about the Paris terror attacks, Pope Francis said on Thursday that there are limits to freedom of expression, especially when it insults or ridicules someone’s faith.  His comments came during a wide-ranging press conference with journalists accompanying him on his flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines to start the second and final leg of his journey to Asia. During the press conference, Pope Francis was asked by a French journalist about the relationship between freedom of religion and freedom of expression.  He replied saying that both are "fundamental human rights" and stressed that…
Family Theater makes steps back toward TV production
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Family Theater Productions -- the entertainment-with-a-message arm of Holy Cross Family Ministries, was first known in the pre-TV era for its weekly "Family Theater" radio anthology, in which stars of the day acted out radio scripts. There was a willing audience of listeners, and a willing appetite for such fare expressed by radio stations of the era, particularly the old Mutual Broadcasting System. When television happened upon the scene, Family Theater did what it could to prevent the TV set from being thought of as the "idiot box" by producing a host of TV dramas. Those that…
Catholic media in Manila already following-up Papal visit
MANILA, Philippines (CNS) -- Long before Pope Francis left the Vatican for his January trip to Asia, Jesuit Father Emmanuel "Nono" Alfonso and his colleagues were already working on the "what's next" part of hosting a papal trip. As the visit approached, the executive director of the Manila-based Jesuit Communications and his colleagues at other Filipino Catholic media offices were juggling concern for the immediate future -- the pope's visit Jan. 15-19 -- with planning the follow-up: how to help Filipinos reflect on the experience and increasingly practice "mercy and compassion," the theme of the visit. The Catholic Bishops' Conference…
Filmmaker houses archival footage in former Catholic Church
PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. (CNS) -- Lou Reda, a television documentary filmmaker who has produced several hundred hours of programs for cable television networks that include the History Channel, A&E and Biography, stores and archives his massive film collection in an unlikely location: a former Catholic Church. Employees at the documentary company, Lou Reda Productions, work beneath stained glass windows and the church organ and its pipes. Archived film is stored in a first-floor hall of former St. Michael Church in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania. It's the company's fourth location and third move in the Easton area. The man who started it all,…

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