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AMECEA Gathers Communicators from Bishops’ Conferences to Evaluate Newsletter and Formulate ICT Policies
Eastern Africa ( - The Social Communications department of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) is conducting a workshop in Nairobi aimed at evaluating its weekly Online Newsletter and formulating policies to guide Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for publications within the AMECEA region. The four-day ongoing workshop set to conclude on Friday has brought together Communication Directors and Coordinators, and Catholic Media personnel from the AMECEA region, with the Bishops’ Conferences of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan/South Sudan, Zambia, Malawi, and Ethiopia represented. The Chairman of AMECEA Social Communication, Bishop Charles Kasonde of Zambia, presided over the…
  49ème JOURNÉE MONDIALE DES COMMUNICATIONS SOCIALES 2015. Communiquer la famille: milieu privilégié de la rencontre dans la gratuité de l'amour. Message du Saint Père 49th World Communications Day 2015. Communicating the Family: A Privileged Place of Encounter with the Gift of Love. Message of His Holiness Pope Francis 49ª JORNADA MUNDIAL DE LAS COMUNICACIONES SOCIALES 2015. Comunicar la familia: ambiente privilegiado del encuentro en la gratuidad del amor. Mensaje del Santo Padre 49ª GIORNATA MONDIALE DELLE COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI 2015. Comunicare la famiglia: ambiente privilegiato dell’incontro nella gratuità dell’amore. Messaggio del Santo Padre 49º…
Acceptance Speech, Honorary Doctorate Conferral Australian Catholic University
 Drake House, East Melbourne, 6th May 2015 I would like to express my appreciation for this award. I note that, in the citation, you have chosen to highlight my vocation as a priest and the concrete expression of that in my roles as a Church diplomat and as President of the Council for Social Communications. Both as a diplomat and as a communicator, I have been fortunate to find myself called to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and nations so that our common human family can live together in peace and with justice and dignity for all.In particular, I…
Speaking Notes from Archbishop Celli at the Australian Catholic Communications Congress 2015
Australian Catholic Communications Congress 2015 What is our voice? “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Mt 12:34). The Church in a digital world: communicating the Good News, sharing the gift of faith Speaking Notes, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, Sydney, 5th May 2015 I would like to begin by saying how pleased I am to be with you for this very important Congress. Your theme – What is our voice? – takes us directly to one of the key challenges for the Church today. How are we to speak of Jesus, how are we to witness to…
Archbishop Celli: Reflections on the Church’s emerging presence in the digital world - Sydney
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Address to Bishops and Congregational Leaders of Religious Institutes Reflections on the Church’s emerging presence in the digital world Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, 9th May 2015 I would like to begin by acknowledging my appreciation of the possibility of having this time with you. Over the last few years, I have been very impressed by the different initiatives coming from the Australian Church in the area of social media – a positive impression that has been reinforced by my experience during the Media Conference earlier this week. In particular, I would like to thank Bishop…

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