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Bishop hopes 'fictional memoir' has appeal for Catholics, non-Catholics
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- "I'm no author," averred retired Bishop Francis A. Quinn of Sacramento, California. Well, he is now. Bishop Quinn, at age 93, has become a first-time author, telling his life story in what he termed a "fictional memoir," chronicling the lives of three priests from their days in a high school seminary in "Behind Closed Doors: Conflicts in Today's Church." Anyone interested in buying it online shouldn't look for "Bishop" in the author's name. Instead, he used Francis Anthony Quinn. In a telephone interview with Catholic News Service from the assisted-living facility in Sacramento where he lives, Bishop…
Comic-book reissue of St. John XXIII's life improves on the original
NEW YORK (CNS) -- Forget the Avengers. The coolest Marvel-related character this year is Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, better known to the world as St. John XXIII. "The Story of Pope John XXIII" (MSJT Publishing) is a reissue of a profile written and drawn by Joe Sinnott, an artist known for inking some of the most memorable Marvel titles from the golden age of comics. In the early 1960s, Sinnott, a Catholic, was busy with a Marvel series called "The Fantastic Four" when he got a call from George A. Pflaum, the head of Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact, a…
Silent melodrama ready for enjoyment by a second century of viewers
NEW YORK (CNS) -- A century-old silent melodrama featuring a colorful First Nation of the Pacific Northwest was a box-office flop on its original release. Now "In the Land of the Head Hunters" is finally reaching a national audience as a DVD and Blu-ray release from Milestone Films. Already a renowned ethnographic photographer, the director, Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), had a deluded notion that he was preserving the record of a vanishing race in Vancouver, British Columbia, before it was subsumed into white Christian culture. The movie's cast, all members of the Kwakwaka'wakw, may have had another idea. Namely, that…
Creating 3-D image of Crucifixion has 'enriched my soul,' says artist
NEW ORLEANS (CNS) -- Jed Malitz appends "V2" to the name of his art gallery in New Orleans' Warehouse District. The "V2" stands for "Version 2" -- both in art and in life. Inside Malitz's gallery, floor-to-ceiling black drapes bisect the rectangular gallery space. In front of the drapes, visible as soon as someone walks in off the street, is haunting glass artwork -- human figures of pure light produced by light shining through 13 meticulously arranged panes of sculpted glass, cut by a computer-guided, high-speed jet of water and garnet dust. The annealed glass panes, three-eighths of an inch…
Registration OPEN for the Australian Catholic Communications Congress (4 - 6 May 2015)
Australian ( - Come to the Congress! Calling all working in a media or communications role, be that in a parish, diocese or media organisation, to join us at the Congress. The Australian Catholic Communications Congress is an opportunity for you to learn practical media skills, debate hot button issues, establish new networks and be inspired. Hosted by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Communications Office, the Congress will take place at the Rydges Hotel, North Sydney from 4 - 6 May 2015. The theme of the 2015 Congress is: What is our voice? "Out of the abundance of the heart,…

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