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In Peru's Amazon, children learn to embrace grandparents' language
NAUTA, Peru (CNS) — On a muddy street in this muggy jungle town, Julia Ipushima Manihuari has turned an overgrown play area into a classroom. "Tsakama," she says, stroking a tree branch as a dozen children repeat the word in unison. "What's this?" she asks, touching a leaf. The kids consult their notebooks. "Tsa," they reply hesitantly, and she makes them repeat the word several times. Pointing to the treetop, she says, "Suzapira." Except that the last vowel is somewhere between and "i" and a "u" — it is written as an "i" with a crossbar — and the children,…
Members of media give perspectives on migration issues at conference in Washington
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Members of the media offered their perspectives on migration in the modern world during the 2014 National Migration Conference in Washington. Highlighting ways that the Catholic Church serves migrant populations around the world, a panel of journalists encouraged Catholic and other advocates July 9 to continue fighting for immigration reform and increased services for migrants and refugees in the U.S. Francis X. Rocca, the Rome bureau chief of Catholic News Service, described how Pope Francis' experience as the son and grandson of immigrants can inspire religious people worldwide."It should not be surprising that this pope would have…
New radio program covers life issues, ways to spread culture of life
FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CNS) -- A new radio program launched in the Palm Beach Diocese in June with a focus on shedding light on pro-life issues, and sharing ways to get involved in promoting the culture of life in the not-so-pro-life world. Organizers believe the program may be the only one of its kind in Florida, if not the United States, that is broadcast from a site across the street from an abortion clinic. "We are doing battle on the frontlines," said Anne Lotierzo, a parishioner of St. Joseph Parish in Stuart, who hosts "CrossRoads" with Duane Berreth, a parishioner…
Interview with director of film "Deliver us from evil"
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Clergy are too often stereotyped in movies "because writers and directors don't know any pastors or priests," said director Scott Derrickson, who helmed the new crime-horror film "Deliver Us From Evil." "I've known quite a few in my life. They're some of the most interesting people I've met and some of the smartest people," he said in a June 26 telephone interview from Hollywood with Catholic News Service. "Deliver Us From Evil" is taken from the memoir of New York police detective Ralph Sarchie, played by Australian actor Eric Bana, perhaps best known for the title role…
Papal puzzler: Leo XIII anonymously published riddles in Latin
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Going by the pseudonym "X," Pope Leo XIII anonymously crafted poetic puzzles in Latin for a Roman periodical at the turn of the 19th century. The pope created lengthy riddles, known as "charades," in Latin in which readers had to guess a rebus-like answer from two or more words that together formed the syllables of a new word. Eight of his puzzles were published anonymously in "Vox Urbis," a Rome newspaper that was printed entirely in Latin between 1898-1913, according to an article in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. A reader who submitted the correct answer…

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