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Mons. Tighe: How I Think We Will Be Proclaiming the Word in 2025


Ecumenical Jury Awards "Mia Madre" at the Cannes Festival 2015
Cannes (SIGNIS/Interfilm) - The Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Festival 2015 awarded its Prize to Mia Madre (My Mother) by Nanni Moretti (Italy). "A well-crafted, fine film suffused with humour that elegantly explores the human journey through loss to new beginnings." The Jury also gave two Commendations to: La Loi du marché (The Measure of a Man) by Stéphane Brizé (France). "For its prophetical stance on the world of work and its sharp reflection on our tacit complicity in the inhumane logics of merchandising." Taklub by Brillante Mendoza (Philippines). "For the sensitive portrayal of individuals and communities working for life…
Proclaiming the Word in 2025 - Biblical Festival Padua (Italy)
May 25 6 p.m. +1 UTC A conversation about the future of evangelization with: Antonio Mattiazzo (bishop of Padua), Paul Tighe (Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication), Jesus Colina (Director of, Eric Salobir (General Promoter for Communications in the Ordo Predicatorum, Ruth Morris (Digital Communications Manager of the Jesuits in Britain), Roderick Vonhögen (Founder of Star Quest Production Network), Marco Sanavio (Director of, Fabio Scarsato (Director of “Messaggero di S. Antonio”)  


Bread 4 Today – International Redemptorist prayer app launched
Oceania ( -  The Redemptorists are pleased to announce the release of Bread 4 Today – a prayer APP for life.  It will serve as a free, accessible meditation aid which people can use to come closer to God and effect positive change in their lives and their community. Please click HERE to read today’s prayer. Bread 4 Today is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Please consider sharing this app with your friends, family and parish. Below you will find resources to help you promote the Bread 4 Today prayer community. How it works Bread 4 Today provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever…


Dublin ( -  Years ago these nuns were hidden behind high walls and a grill, but in this Year of Consecrated Life the Redemptoristine Monastery in Dublin is connected to the world through an Internet webcam 24/7.


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