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Priest sees 'kinship' between Chesterton, church's 'Little Flower'
MUNDELEIN, Ill. (CNS) -- Whether a sainthood cause will be opened for G.K. Chesterton is uncertain, but for a Catholic priest investigating the life of the much-beloved British journalist, philosopher and humorist, the effort already has been a memorable journey. A year ago, it was announced such an investigation would be opened, Father John Udris was charged with conducting it by his bishop, Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton, England. Currently spiritual director of St. Mary's Seminary in Oscott, England, the priest is the previous pastor of Chesterton's parish, St. Teresa's in Beaconsfield. Chesterton (1874-1936) was an agnostic who converted to…
Actor describes faith journey, commitment to serving nation's veterans
ORLANDO, Fla. (CNS) -- His knowing smile and everyman disposition are instantly recognizable on screen. Those qualities were not lost on some 2,000 Knights of Columbus, their families and church leaders who were delighted by a surprise encounter with actor Gary Sinise during the fraternal organization's Aug. 5-7 convention in Orlando. He spoke at the States Dinner Aug. 5 about his love for wounded veterans and a new collaboration between the Knights and his own charitable foundation. The Chicago native, a star of stage, film and television who is widely known for his portrayal of Lt. Dan in the 1994…
ROME (CNS) -- Shakespeare in the Park is a natural summer activity in many cities, but when the park is in Rome, questions about the playwright's faith and philosophy seem particularly pertinent. "Summertime is a festive time, and Shakespeare's plays, especially his comedies, are festive," said Andrew Moran, a professor of English at the University of Dallas and assistant director of the university's summer Shakespeare in Italy program for high school students. The Bard's comedies bring us "out into the green world, where people are revived," and so it is natural that cities worldwide offer outdoor Shakespeare experiences during the…


An open Internet: It's not just for computers anymore
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Imagine being able to use your television like a computer, in pretty much the same way smartphones have computing capabilities. Now imagine that you want to give generously during the annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. Sure, the phone number is on the screen, but so is the website. And you can make a donation without even having to look away from the screen. Except that you are limited to a $10 donation. You wonder why this is. It's happened with smartphones, and in a potentially brave new world of TV viewing, there's no reason to believe that it…
Storyline of new film revolves around priest-hero, challenges he faces
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Director John Michael McDonagh and actor Brendan Gleeson challenged each other. Gleeson had just completed acting a lead role in McDonagh's first feature film, "The Guard." McDonagh challenged Gleeson, "If I write a script about a good priest, will you play him?" Gleeson answered, "Yes." Now the challenge was McDonagh's to write that script. The result is "Calvary," which stars Gleeson as a priest who has been warned by an unrepentant penitent in the confessional that he will kill the priest a week from Sunday. The rest of the movie shows what the priest does, and does…
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