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Indian bishop uses cartooning as a 'powerful tool for evangelization'
BANGALORE, India (CNS) -- Not every bishop is a cartoonist. But Bishop Stephen Rotluanga of Aizawl in northeast India is. He has become known as the "cartoonist bishop of India." That's because at the end of every major gathering of the Indian bishops, Bishop Rotluanga would summarize the proceedings succinctly and strikingly in a large cartoon. And he uses his artwork in his ministry in Mizoram state, where he is the only bishop. "Drawing and painting is my God-given talent and I have a duty to use my talent to spread the word of God," Bishop Rotluanga, 62, told Catholic News…
USA. With Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan, it's a family affair
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Jim Gaffigan, the comic actor known both for his funny books like "Dad Is Fat" and "Food: A Love Story" and his inclusion of his Catholicism in his stand-up routines, has a close collaborator: his wife, Jeannie. "We're truly partners," Jeannie Gaffigan said during a June 11 teleconference with Jim to promote their TV Land cable sitcom, "The Jim Gaffigan Show." She doesn't finish his sentences, but she can finish his jokes. "I can write in Jim's voice well," she added. "I can understand his views about bacon. They're not my point of view about bacon, but…
Director of Signis Award-winning film just hoped to 'make a good movie'
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- It's easier to win an award at the annual Sundance Film Festival, because Sundance gives so many of them, than to win the Signis Award in the United States. Rarer still to win them both with the same film. But that's what happened with "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," a funny drama about awkward teen angst with mortal illness coursing through the plot. "Me and Earl," in winning the Signis Award at April's Filmfest DC, was cited by one jurist for being "exceptionally well written and directed, with top performances by a young cast." The…
Famed Italian composer Morricone premieres first Mass at Jesuit church
ROME (CNS) -- Six decades and hundreds of film and television scores later, award-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone premiered his first-ever Mass in the Church of the Gesu, the Jesuits' main church in Rome. A parishioner at the historic church in the city centre, Morricone composed the Mass to mark the 200th anniversary of the universal reconstitution of the Society of Jesus. Composed for a dual chorus, the Mass was to be performed for the actual anniversary in 2014, but was postponed when the famed musician ran into some health issues. Back on his feet, the 86-year-old took up his…
Getting to know the Holy Shroud with an app
Turin ( -  The Holy Shroud remains an inexplicable mystery to this day, and it continues to draw international attention. Pope Francis will visit Turin to pray in front of the Shroud on June 21st. For anyone who wants to learn about the mysteries of the Shroud, there's now an app to help. The app contains images and little known facts. For example, it has information about the man who brought the Shroud to Turin. In another part,  the sections of the Shroud where Jesus' face appear are examined. The articles and documents in the app give the user a…


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